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APIs and IPAs 9/21 With RunKeeper

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We had another fun night at Gemvara working with the RunKeeper HealthGraph API.

As we talked about in the last blog post, we’re still trying to figure out how best to run these hack-fests.  For the next couple months we’re going to meet up every other Wednesday night at Gemvara from 6pm to 9pm to continue working with the RunKeeper API.  

On November 16th we’re going to get together for a final presentation night where we can recap on the apps we’ve built and demo them to the greater Boston community and to the RunKeeper team.

I know Jason Jacobs (CEO of RunKeeper) is willing to leverage the RunKeeper press machine to highlight apps built during APIs and IPAs, so if you’re interested in getting some exposure for yourself and your app, come out and get involved!

Sign up for the next one on 10/5…

Register for API's and IPA's: RunKeeper 10/5 in Boston, MA  on Eventbrite

This past Wednesday, we were psyched to have team EverTrue out which included Brent, Eric, Jesse, Drew, Courtney, Andrew and Anthony.  These guys spent their time building an app that incorporates charitable giving with exercise.  Keep your eye out for their RunKeeper app, I’ve got a feeling that when they present in November the demo will be very cool!

Patients Like Me was also well represented by Jeffrey Chupp and Jeff Cole.  Jeffrey continued to work on his app for recording one’s sleep while Jeff was working on a map overlay that allows Runkeeper users to compare segments of the same route over time.  He’s currently looking at his morning commute by car, but this easily transfers over to cycling, running and other activities.

Dave and Dolphy of Isobar were out for the first time and started working on a Java wrapper for the Health Graph API.  I’m excited to see this get done as it will really help encourage more Java app development with the RunKeeper API.

Will Mernagh from Iora Health also made it back out to continue working with Joe Lind on the Ruby wrapper, BabyTooth, which is getting very close to completion.

Yifei Zhang of TapForge was also out working on front end design for the chartiable giving/challenges app that Jeremy Weiskotten has been building.  This app is really shaping up and I’m excited to start using it when it’s done!