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Ruby for Nubies

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Ruby for Nubies

We’ve gotten a great response from Jeremy’s tweet about an introductory worshop to Ruby, so we’ll be hosting one on December 3 from 9am to 3pm.  We have limited spots for this so if you’d like to come please shoot us a note at learn@terriblelabs.com.

This first workshop will be an intro to Ruby (and it looks like this will be an intro to programming for some of the attendees). We won’t cover anything Rails specific, but we’ll tailor the content to people who eventually want to level up to Rails.

We’ll go over basic programming constructs (conditions and loops), functions, blocks, data types, data structures like Array and Hash, and maybe a brief intro to object-oriented programming with Ruby.

The format will be something like 15 minutes of lecture/examples with 15-30 minutes to experiment (in pairs) on the new topic, repeat. The goal will be to build out a simple interactive command-line game over the course of the day. We’ll have a handful of experienced Rubyists to help out with the hands-on work.

We don’t have have anything planned beyond this first Nubies workshop. It’s partly a market test for us (and we’ve gotten a great response), an opportunity to develop some content, and see what topics and formats might work going forward. I think the next logical step would be more advanced workshops on OOP with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript/jQuery, etc.