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Ruby for Nubies Followup

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We want to thank everyone who made it out this past weekend for our first #Ruby4Nubies class.  A big thanks to Jeremy and Jeffrey for putting it together and making it a fun learning experience.

For those of you who were there, a couple of the resources that will help you continue to sharpen your skills are:

Boston Ruby Group - bostonrb

Codeacademy for Ruby - tryruby.org

Learn Ruby Tutorial - Learn Ruby the Hard Way

We think that there is a strong demand to do this again but we may decide to do it in a several week course as opposed to a one day workshop.  The thought would be to touch on more than just Ruby.  We can do an overview of the components of a web app such as database design, javascript, Rails, etc to help people get to the point where they can mock up some simple prototypes.

So far we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on the class but we’d love to get your criticism as well.  Feel free to shoot us an email with your thoughts to learn@terriblelabs.com!