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Talking Startups at HackHarvard

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I was fortunate to participate in the first HackHarvard demo day 3 years ago. Peter Boyce, Brandon Liu, Lexi Ross and team were using their winter breaks to create Hack Week, an environment that mentors and encourages current students to build web and mobile products. At the end of Hack Week, students demo their products to a packed auditorium of investors, students, professors and fellow entrepreneurs.

It was great to see how much Hack Harvard has grown over the past few years. This year, I saw familiar faces and but many new ones as well. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how many Harvard Business School students participated and developed their own products.

Prior to the student demos, Hugo Van Vuren of the Experiment Fund gave a great talk on taking chances and saying ‘yes’ to opportunities that present themselves. He highlighted his recent adventures, starting with graduation, heading to Y-Combinator, South Africa, and back to Boston.

After Hugo, Brent Grinna of EverTrue moderated a panel discussion with a few of us from the Boston tech community about how to get involved, meet people who can help and where to go to polish your skills.

If you have the chance to check out a Hack Night at HackHarvard, I highly recommend it. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for next year’s Hack Week and go check out what the student body at Harvard is cooking up.

A big congratulations to all the students who presented.