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Even More Prototyping at Intelligent.ly

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As you may have seen, I’ve been speaking about prototyping quite a bit in the past few months. Time and again, I’ve seen first-hand how effective even the simplest prototypes can be in communicating our ideas, and how much we can learn from the process of building them. That has made me very enthusiastic about the topic; now I’m on a mission to spread the word about its importance and value.

Building a prototype can be surprisingly quick and easy. Perhaps no tool I’ve worked with over the years has been as transformative as the simple act of sketching – it’s an integral part of my design process. The immediacy of pen and paper makes sketching one of the most effective tools for exploring the problem space and evaluating potential solutions. The emergence of some incredible new tools has made paper sketching even more powerful, enabling us to quickly turn rudimentary drawings into highly interactive prototypes.

Next week, I’ll be running a prototyping workshop at Intelligent.ly, during which I’ll help you sketch, highlight and demo my favorite tools, and show you how to build an interactive prototype of your product. Whether you’re a designer interested in exploring new ways of presenting or validating your work, or a founder in search of better ways to communicate and evaluate your ideas, I hope you’ll check it out:

Codeless Prototyping for Web and Mobile Apps
Tuesday, July 23rd, 6:00 - 7:30p.m.
Intelligent.ly Campus
500 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118

If you’re already attending, I’d love to hear from you – drop me a note to introduce yourself, let me know whether your idea is for a web or mobile app, and feel free to ask any questions you might have about the workshop.

Hope to see you there!