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Are You a #TerribleLover?

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We want to thank everyone for your terrible support.  If you haven’t gotten your Terrible Labs sticker or t-shirt make sure you swing by our office or tweet at us so we can get you one.

Thanks to all those that posted photos…

Kathryn of Korn Design

Lily from BO.LT

Thomas a.k.a The Professional Wingman

Jason Jacobs

Jason of RunKeeper


Kristin of Backupify

Mike Schneider

SchneiderMike of Allen & Gerritsen


Seamus aka Jr Muppet

April and Justin

April and Justin of April K Photography and Social Boston Sports

Tom Boates

Tom Boates of RunKeeper and TomBoatesEverybody!

Sarah Hodges

Diva Sarah Hodges of RunKeeper

Jake Cacciapaglia

Jake of RunKeeper and DartBoston

Bijan of Spark Capital