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Things We Learned

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As part of our goal to create a culture of learning, we’ve started sharing useful things we’ve uncovered during our daily stand-up meeting.

But why stop there? Each week we’ll share a tidy little compilation of our best discoveries with the community, starting today.

Mike: Listening to the HBR podcast, I learned about Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO). At most companies, people spend a lot of mental energy hiding their weaknesses, but the culture in DDOs values openness about goals and growth towards getting better. I want to look into it more.

Taylor: Setting an absolute- or relative-positioned element’s left and right attributes will automatically calculate the element’s width.

Jeremy: ActiveRecord #assign_attributes is similar to #update_attributes, but doesn’t save.

Tim: Photoshop CC has a feature for generating assets from layers upon save, similar to Slicy. It works by naming layers and layer groups with special syntax. You can append an image extension + quality level, and prepend sizing info in percentage or dimensions. SVG export is still in beta, but can be enabled with this hack.

Also, as of Jan 14th, you can use SmartObjects that are separate files instead of embedded. This could be really helpful when collaborating on pieces of a design, and for keeping the primary PSD file smaller.

Dan: Add angular files to your Guardfile